A Heads Up For Tomorrow

Good evening Founders,

I hope everyone is having an amazing day. On the eve of the F2F’s relaunch, I just wanted to share a couple of updates:

For free subscribers:

Startup Spotlights will only be published once per week, instead of three times per week. The reason for doing this is to allow me to focus more on developing the newsletter for the long term. I have edited all welcome emails to reflect this new publishing cadence for free subscribers.

For paid subscribers:

Case Studies will continue to come out every two weeks as usual before the newsletter was put on pause. In addition, I will be releasing a new feature tomorrow called the F2F Library. I’ll be sharing more details tomorrow on that in a separate thread, but it is a Google Doc (for now) containing all the startups I’ve profiled in Startup Spotlights or Case Studies on F2F.

Paid subscribers have the option of being connected to any of the 170+ founders in the F2F Library that I have covered in the newsletter. More on this tomorrow.

Last but not least, I want to take this moment to express my gratitude to all of you for sticking around during my hiatus. I’ve had a pretty rough start to 2022. I needed to take some time for myself, and I’m so glad I did because the newsletter will be much better off in the long run.

I’m finally ready to build F2F into the newsletter that you all deserve to read every time it drops in your inbox!