Startup Spotlight #103: RedTrack is ad tracking and conversions attribution platform for media buyers.

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I got the chance to speak with Vlad Zhovtenko, co-founder and CEO of RedTrack, about what he’s working on at his startup, and any advice he has for emerging entrepreneurs. is an ad tracking and conversion attribution solution helping digital marketers consolidate their data and turn insights into actions. Launched as a tool for affiliate marketers in 2018, now also serves publishers, ad agencies, and advertisers alike. is privacy-friendly by design, using only 1st party data. It is a smart choice for marketers in the wake of the demise of 3rd party cookies and other cross-site tracking technologies.

Zhovtenko has been in digital marketing since 2000 and every trend of the past years has left an imprint on his experience. Channels and tools change and evolve but one thing remains the same - conversion tracking and attribution. His first foray in building digital analytics tools was in 2004. It quickly crumbled under a load of data. It took technology twelve more years to develop until became possible.

His past experience and industry challenges created a perfect opportunity to realize past plans of creating a solution for media-buyers he planned since 2004. For the past several years, Vlad oversees the product and business development as CEO of - an advanced ad tracking and conversion attribution software.

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Startup Spotlight: RedTrack

Problem: Companies investing into paid advertising and partner marketing use multiple disconnected tools, leading to people doing repetitive “cut&paste” jobs and conversion attribution data that they observe, but do not control. These issues lead to delayed and inaccurate decisions, resulting in a waste of time, money, and opportunities.

Market: Our target market is the 5.2 million companies that use Google Analytics. We currently focus on performance-focused media buyers with more than one source of traffic and/or more than one conversion event, which is roughly 2 million companies.

Solution: has built ad tracking and conversion attribution software for performance-focused marketers, allowing them to boost ROI by consolidating data and activities, automation of powering insight discovery, and campaign optimization.

Team: has 20 people strong team working across 6 countries. Vlad and Artem (cofounder of RedTrack) have more than 35 years of cumulative experience doing digital marketing, business development, high load / big data systems focusing on SaaS, adtech, and MarTech solutions.

Recent Success:

Zhovtenko: We are really successful with customer collaboration: from regular support and service to them actively supporting and collaborating product development. We have excellent unsolicited reviews. Our customers provide access to their data, share experience using and other tools. They also helped us define the direction of product growth in the first 2 years. 

Recent Struggle:

Zhovtenko: Keeping focus and being consistent. We spend the first two years reacting to customers' feedback, growing the product, and identifying the best path to what we envision as our future. And between all those requests, especially supported by payments it was hard to differentiate signal from noise. Or, even more difficult - prioritize signals. When we were making early steps, saying to potential customers or opportunities meant less MRR for us, so sometimes we chased several initiatives at once or created stuff that was later rarely used. It was only in 2020 when we learned how to transform all the information, feedback, and requests we receive into a consistent and focused product roadmap.

Founder Advice:

Zhovtenko: It is about you and your team. You can probably do a lot of things best, but the sooner you start empowering people working with you - the better. You are as strong as your team. And your team is as focused and motivated as you inspire them to be through your actions and decisions. 

Two Cool Founders You Should Know About:

Zhovtenko: Here are two founders you should check out next!

  • Andrius Bruno Rimkunas, Founder of Monimoto: Monimoto is a smart alarm for motorcycles, autos, boats and other valuable stuff.

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